Words of Light
from Sri Aurobindo’s Works



We do not belong to the past dawns,
but to the noons of the future.
Essays on the Gita

He who chooses the Infinite
has been chosen by the Infinite.
The Synthesis of Yoga

Turn all things to honey;
this is the law of divine living.
Thoughts and Aphorisms

In the deep there is a greater deep,
in the heights a greater height.

Man is a transitional being,
he is not final
Man and the Supermind

To be perpetually reborn is the condition
of a material immortality.
The Synthesis of Yoga


Out, out with the mind and its candle flares,
Light, light the suns that never die.
Musa Spiritus

Man is a narrow bridge, a call that grows,
His soul the dim bud of God’s flaming rose.
The Dumb Inconscient

Still by slow steps the miracle goes on,
The Immortal’s gradual birth mid mire and stone.
The Miracle of Birth

All’s miracle here and can by miracle change.
Savitri (I.I.V)

Heaven’s touch fulfils but cancels not our earth:
Savitri (III.XII.I)

All earth shall be the Spirit’s manifest home, […]
The Spirit shall look out through Matter’s gaze
And Matter shall reveal the Spirit’s face.
Savitri (III.XI.I)