“A debunker figure is not the true figure.”
Sri Aurobindo
(Letters on Yoga - I)


Hello everyone.

Having recently embarked on several very challenging assignments, I won't be able to send out a Newsletter for several months, and so I have decided to delve here to address a few issues I would like to share with you.

I start from noting that the previous Newsletter received the warmest thanks from many of you: in particular, from India, France, and Italy. We received only one defeatist e-mail, which I define in this way not because it raises criticisms (always welcome, if constructive), but because the interlocutor demonstrates that he has speciously misunderstood our words, with a tone that reveals a narrow-minded and a presumptuous mental attitude, animated by the biased intent to put into our mouths words that have never been written or spoken (nor even thought of). In short, the typical attitude of the notorious "debunkers": creepy figures, hired by the regime to try to delegitimize those who appear to be out of step with the lying and misleading official narrative. Big Brother labels those who exercise the right to make use of the critical mind and who dare to question the prevailing non-values, expressing themselves freely, as a diffuser of "fake-news": they try to cut and twist the meaning of the sentences to make believe the exact opposite of what one intended to express. In this way we were expelled from the Google Church (if we knew it was a church, we would never have entered it: it is essential for us to keep ourselves out of all conventicles).

To return to our specific apprentice-debunker, here is what he wrote (needless to say, he doesn't sign himself: it is typical of the pusillanimous to throw the stone and hide his hand) —

Hmm... It's a shame when people who have touched the Integral Yoga take the side of a thief, a murderer, a non-human and a liar, who is now at the head of Russia.
It is probably a total lack of distinction.

Is he the one who decides who and what a person "touched by the Integral Yoga" (!) should or should not support? Really curious. As far as I know, Mother or Sri Aurobindo have never issued certificates of any kind (“the sadhaka's certificate”!), and they have never appointed someone to issue them on their behalf — quite the contrary. But the most ignominious, as well as false, thing is that this guy labels us as "Putinians" only because we dared to question his opinions and convictions – which, coincidentally, correspond to the stereotypes that the world's oligarchs inoculate all whole humanity. The fact that we are against Biden's wicked policy (and the warmongers who manoeuvre him) certainly does not make us supporters of Putin! Therefore, we limited ourselves to answering him just as briefly:

Where did you find that we "take the side" of Putin?
Sorry, but you have totally and fatally misunderstood our words, which however are simple and clear.
And what about Biden? If Putin is a liar, Biden and colleagues are not at all better!
The only shame is your misunderstanding, opinionated and completely unacceptable for us.
Please, check the button "unsubscribe" from our list.

After that, we never heard from this piece of gentleman again. I therefore hope that he has accepted the advice and has unsubscribed from the mailing-list. For intellectual honesty, he will still receive this letter – who knows if this will not help him to get off the pedestal on which he climbed with his own feet (even if I have no expectations in this sense: experience shows that those who are exposed in this way hardly ever have the courage to admit the error: either he climbs on straws or vanishes into thin air).

Putin (in his fourth presidential term) is an ex-member of the KGB: therefore, we are talking about a spy by profession, who has taken power and has been exercising it for too long and often in a questionable way (just remember the atrocities perpetrated without batting an eye to annex Chechnya again, or the way it treats non-aligned journalists; in recent days, however, the situation in the Caucasus appears delicate, after some "activists" in the pay of Azeri totalitarianism branded Aliyev – father and son! – from last December began to occupy the only road that leads from Armenia to Artsak, and I find Putin's attitude towards Armenia counterproductive: if he wants to keep it as an ally, he should behave in a less rigid and with subtler diplomatic tact). Of course, compared to the drunkard Yeltsin, who was ruining Russia, Putin has the merit of having helped to revive Russia and restore to this great Country the national and international dignity it deserves. Beyond this fact, certainly relevant, Putin has no other merits in our eyes: he is a backward and authoritarian politician. Intelligent, no doubt, astute and – luckily – endowed with steady nerves, which allowed him not to lose his head in the face of US abuses and provocations. Including the international arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court on him which, let me tell you, is a solemn buffoonery: one of the lowest and hypocritical points touched by the Atlantic empire — along with Bush's compiled list of “Rogue States” ( forgetting to include the USA, which would have deserved one of the first places) and the false vial of anthrax trumpeted by Colin Powell to justify the invasion of Iraq (by the way: twenty years after this illegitimate invasion, Russia and China are cooperating to restore peace in Iraq, while the US continues to add fuel to the fire – but the bad man is Putin, of course: he must be demonized at all costs).

«These Americans are nothing but bluffers - they bluff, bluff,
bluff for everything. They arrive with airs, they will right all wrongs,
correct all mistakes, enlighten all minds – and they are all down».

Mother (Agenda, 21.03.1964)

By now the Americans are bankrupt... They don't know what to invent anymore... Maybe the next bluff will be a fake UFO invasion!

If invading Donbass is illegitimate, how can the systematic specious invasions and illegal meddling (including coups) by the US into various sovereign states around the globe be defined? Moreover, when (in 1971) the same International Court of Criminal Justice intended to impeach some US soldiers for war crimes (abuse and torture of Afghan prisoners), the White House threatened to arrest the judges and officials of the Court itself if it issued the arrest warrant… Whoever has a beam in the eye should not deal with the specks present in other people's eyes.

Speaking of arrests, why is Julian Assange still being held in prison by the dirty British vassals, given that the accusations against him have turned out to be false? In a human world that can really be defined as such (and I am not referring here to the Truth-World that Mother and Sri Aurobindo are elaborating for the Earth, but simply to a world of human common sense), Julian should be the director of one of the most important newspapers in the world, while the current editors should find a job commensurate with their ineptitude.

Moreover, all this nefarious race to arm Ukraine by NATO is producing a worrying increase in the illegal arms market in favour of the various mafias and terrorist groups. The Lord of Nations laughs and keeps the Earth captive.

Nor should we completely discard the hypothesis according to which Putin secretly agrees with the warlords to spread scaremongering and fear among the world's population, in order to divert attention from the real problems: from the diabolically orchestrated Great Reset in Davos (let us not forget that a mutual admiration binds Vladimir Putin and Klaus Schwab), to the unjustified illnesses and sudden deaths (in constant growth) of those who have been inoculated (often with the threat of losing their jobs) the magical “elixir-of-short-life”. The world seems to be heading towards a sort of infinite war, as well as a perennial state of pandemic (the mainstream media are already announcing the next, imminent, "far worse than covid", according to what they say... But, according to the well-known virologist, former CDC director, dr. Robert Redfield, it is a bioengineered avian flu virus for terrorist purposes), not to mention the fake and contradictory "green revolution" based on global warming.

Mentioning Covidiocy, who among us is not aware of the messages written by Matthew Hancock (Secretary of State for Health and Social Affairs of the United Kingdom) between 9 July 2018 and 26 June 2021? In one of them, dated 13 December 2020, discussing with his assistant Hancock asked, "when to use the new variant" (of Covid) to further terrorize the English population in order to force them to accept the imposition of closures and social distancing, changing thus the behaviour of his fellow citizens. The next day Hancock announced the new variant; and five days later the British Government cancelled the easing of the repressive measures that had been announced and which should have come into force for the Christmas holidays.

Personally, I think a coming financial catastrophe is probable (after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, there could be a knock-on effect on all the major US and European banks – Deutsche Bank is already starting to falter), which they will try to hide behind the bogeyman of a nuclear war, precisely, trying to blame Russia or China. For its part, the US Treasury Department, through Monica Crowley, fears a possible imminent collapse of the US economy.

The atmosphere is increasingly fetid, from Korea to Canada, from Australia to Pakistan, from Burma to Europe. Is it just a coincidence that since Saudi Arabia withdrew from the US, the war in Yemen finally seems to be moving towards a solution? And that Syria itself, also thanks to the Russian diplomatic efforts wanted by Putin the Terrible, is making peace with Saudi Arabia? Meanwhile, Israeli right-wing extremist Itamar Ben-Gvir, currently minister of national security and backed by that badass Netanyahu, is trying to exacerbate the Palestinian-Jewish conflict by adding fuel to the fire. In addition, strange events in the USA are growing (such as the recent toxic accidents, including radioactive ones, in the various US confederate states, to the detriment of the civilian population) but, first, we need to ask ourselves if the States already exists… According to the notorious members of the Trilateral Commission (meeting last month in plenary session), the current world order would be found just now: we would be in year 1 of the New World Order. To understand what evil is alluding to, you need to know the hidden manoeuvres of the deviated powers, and how some global dynamisms are changing (for example, digital transactions... Just look at what is happening in Australia, always at the forefront of promoting globalist delirium, where banks are increasingly reducing the possibilities of using cash). But Asia, Africa, and Latin America are making a decisive change of monetary direction. The people of Nigeria, tired of the long exploitation, have lately taken to forcefully reject the payment processing system there called eNaira. Ten Southeast Asian countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) are abandoning the dollar (Indonesia – which hosted an important summit of the above ten countries on March 28 – is also disengaging from Western digital payment systems, such as Visa and Mastercard); Kenya is abandoning the dollar; China, Brazil, Russia no longer use the dollar as a currency of exchange, and the rest of the world is increasingly following their example; after Mali, Burkina Faso is giving the final sack to France (and its neo-colonialist Franc CFA).

Who still believes that going to vote can change anything? In Italy, the current Meloni government, contrary to what was promised in the electoral campaign, is continuing exactly the disgusting line of that Draghi that no Italian has ever voted for. Does anyone have the illusion that politics still exists, in a world where pseudo-democratic politicians are businessmen of unscrupulous transnational economic powers? The average man (the more naive and simplistic the more he believes himself to be informed and shrewd) does not realize that the current world regime (whose hierarchs are hidden and let the puppets of the moment operate in their place) operates across the board, using both sides of dichotomous thought without any problem (the "good" and the "evil", the progressive and the conservative, the democrat and the dictator, the pacifist and the warmonger). There is almost never the total "good" on one side and the total "bad" on the other. Hitler and Stalin were certainly devilish, and Churchill (though by no means a good guy) was the man of providence. Today, the true man of Providence should be each one of us, every single member who takes charge (however he can) of sensitizing the human mass. The current strikes and mass protests in France (violently repressed by the cops) against the puppet-president go in this direction. Macron (Molière, prescient, created the character of Macroton!) is showing his true fascist face. But even Italy (with a no less fascist government) and the other European countries (especially the Mediterranean ones) opposed to war and totalitarian change must raise their heads and rebel. France, Italy, Spain, Greece must leave NATO, no ifs, ands or buts: enough with the lies, right or left (the USA will take back their nuclear warheads scattered throughout Europe, starting from Italy which is against nuclear power, instead of looking for new countries bordering Russia where to be able to sow them, in contravention of the Minsk agreements). For the backward-monarchist England, on the other hand, we have no hope, former slave-owning British Empire, and current US lackey (both agree, among other things, to supply depleted uranium-containing shells to Ukraine, it seems), while the ex-neutral Switzerland I feel disgusted even talking about it.

Nor would be totally absurd the hypothesis (although common opinion would dismiss it as excessively 'conspiracy theorist') of a concerted escalation towards a nuclear war, to then bring in an individual (possibly little known, scion of the world Nazi-fascist elite, or perhaps an Elon Musk or a Donald Trump, falsely pretending to be out of the actual regime) in the guise of a peacemaker, who would soon enjoy international fame, pointed out by all the mass media (mainstream and counter-information) as the one who thwarted the destruction of mankind and also of the life on earth; therefore, strengthened by a similar reputation and universal credibility, he could easily support, stimulate and accelerate all those "reforms" penalizing the global human population (limitations of individual freedom, digital identity, social credit systems, robotization, androids, 5G and so on). However, such a hypothesis, in order to have any effective probability, should imply an alignment of all the strong powers currently present in the world, while this is not the case: each of them would like to exercise the main role and ‘grant’ to the others a subordinate role in commanding the enslaved masses, increasingly relegated to futile extras that can be replaced (or scrapped) at will.

Anyhow, Putin is certainly not the bad guy of the situation, although he is by no means a good guy. And Biden, for his part, is a hundred times worse than Putin. The hierarchs behind him have the most nefarious intentions for the whole world; in the EU, for example, they hired Zugführer von der Leyen to lead the European train onto a siding; and their plots in the rest of the world are tragically known, from South America to Africa (via Ukraine). Biden is an old goon, cynical and ruthless, blindly obedient to the dictates of his masters. In short, a perfect "yes man" that any dictator would like to have by his side: he does not question orders, which he doesn't even care to understand – he limits himself to obeying them and carrying them out as precisely and punctually as possible… Without mentioning the little Hunter (in nomen omen): a classic example of a son who tries to surpass his father!

In the West there is talk of setting up international tribunals to investigate possible war crimes perpetrated by the Russians, while on the actual crimes with which the Western coalition has been guilty for decades (in Yemen, just to give an example, there are thousands of children killed among the civilian population) no one must speak: total silence, as in any self-respecting mafia. In the meantime (on March 17), the UN denied Daria Marosava (commissioner for human rights) to officially report on the real humanitarian situation in Ukraine: no one must know the abuses committed by Zelensky and the hordes of his Bandera-praising neo-Nazis.

But, beyond the episodes of the moment, the real battle that is looming on the horizon is not between Russia and the USA, but between the USA and China, we know it well: by now, even the children have understood it. Herein lies the real danger. On the one hand, we have an empire on the decline, brutal, serial liar, staunch supporter of a unipolar power to be held in the most absolutistic way possible; on the opposite side, a declared dictatorship, a tyrannical regime, tremendously ruthless against dissidents, which currently sees a Xi Jinping (in his third five-year mandate, as only Mao had obtained) babbling about the multipolarity of power as a strategy of penetration, the first step to sinking its claws into the entire planet and treating all of humanity like cows to be milked and slaughtered barbarously (just look at the treatment reserved for the followers of Falun Gong); China finances emerging countries massively and, when necessary, intervenes with loans and grants to save them from economic crises, waiting for the showdown (the Marshall Plan, by comparison, seems small). In short, these are the two faces of the same gruesome coin currently in circulation and printed by professional counterfeiters: the two (apparently opposite) faces of Single Thought. Whoever wins, humanity will still be defeated. We need a THIRD POSITION: it is urgent!

In the meantime, we must hope that countries such as India, Brazil, Russia itself, will acquire greater power within the BRICS (which by now represents the majority of the world's population, with several countries on the waiting list: Egypt, Mexico, Argentina, Algeria, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and so on), in order to largely mitigate or, if possible, completely frustrate the expansionist aims of totalitarian China. If a true multipolar power is established, based on real polycentrism, China will never be able to export its dictatorship to the rest of the world. It has succeeded in Tibet; it is trying in Taiwan and it has long dreamed of invading India (which would be disastrous for the whole world). The US attempt to weaken and destroy Russia, therefore, shows unparalleled villainy. For its part, Europe should free itself from the Atlantic Pact and seek a solid union with the Russians, our European brothers, in view of the Eurasian union mentioned in the previous newsletter. “We have to bring together the great Indo-European family that has been criminally divided in two,” Nobel laureate Romain Rolland said bluntly after meeting Sri Aurobindo. While the self-styled 'disciples' blather inappropriately (as when some of them supported Hitler!).

To avoid further misunderstandings, I want to clarify that I have nothing against the Chinese: far from it! Chinese culture is one of the oldest, richest, and most fascinating of all humanity, and all the Chinese I have personally known are valuable individuals. But the current dictatorship reigning in China (against which the Chinese people themselves, in an ever more massive and frequent way, are beginning to disagree) is particularly deadly for the all too precarious balance of the human world. The day after the events that occurred in Tien-A-Men Square, I personally gave refuge for a few months to a Chinese Taoist doctor fleeing China: they had killed his old Master (considered one of the instigators of the revolt) and were starting to make a square clean of his disciples.

But the element on which I want to reflect above all else, here, is the closed, bigoted, pedantic, and judgmental attitude of those who attach titles and stick labels, without even knowing the people to whom they are addressing. It is certainly not the first time this has happened to me, and for this very reason I decided to confront you. I would like it to be clear that this is not, on my part, a trivial outburst. My real intention is to reflect upon a cowardly attitude which, I assume, will have befallen many of you. Who among you has never received undeserved insults or outrageous epithets from malicious, ill-intentioned, perhaps envious, or simply unconscious people? They sit on some boastful chair and spew their venom as if spitting pearls of wisdom. They are always quick to accuse and, in doing so, demonstrate that they are the victims of dichotomous thinking. Some of them even boast about it, saying that for them there are no shades and half-tones: they only see black and white, and on the blackboard of their narrow little minds they mark with chalk what for them are the good and, on the opposite side, the bad.

Such an attitude is more than legitimate when one is a child, and the rational mind has not yet been adequately formed… Between the ages of 5 and 9, when the man-cub must learn to consider things in a precisely dichotomous way, until the frontal lobes will not have fully developed (between 18 and 20 years) and the individual is finally able to examine the facts and can try to understand the complexity of the world in an increasingly articulated and conscious way. Unfortunately, there are too many people who remain at a pre-adolescent level of development, and it is not even surprising that there are among the ranks of those who proclaim themselves "disciples". They place themselves on a papier-mâché pedestal and begin their work of spitting sentences! Like: "you criticize Biden, so you are pro-Putin" (or: "you criticize Biden, so you are pro-Trump"); “you criticize the Ashram, therefore you are anti-ashram” (never had anything against the ashram: the vast majority of Ashramites I have known I found them very kind, and some even exceptional, first of all Champaklal); “you criticize Auroville: then you are against a project wanted by Mother” (by the way, why is Auroville's voice lacking? Perhaps it is me who is deaf, because I have not heard a single Aurovilian openly and publicly denounce the sordid intentions behind this ugly Agenda 2030 which, in fact, works to try to put the spanners in the works witnessed in Mother's Agenda).

Someone has even accused us (biasedly) of engaging in politics, ruling that we are in breach of a hypothetical (and improbable) universal prohibition pronounced by Mother… We do not engage in politics (none of us, starting with myself, is politically aligned, nor has ever run as a candidate, not even in a tiny municipal administration): we simply observe the world we live in and, if we deem it necessary, we make our voice heard. If this means doing politics, well, in that case, even the mother-penguin intent on protecting her cub from shark attacks is doing politics (is the allegory explicit enough?). We love this world and, even more, we love the two Beings who work to transform it, busy making the only Consciousness-Force capable of bringing true Harmony, sempiternal Light, everlasting Beauty, emerge from below and bring down from above. It is impossible for me not to observe what happens in the world, and I do not hesitate to give voice to the perception that derives from it (especially when it annoys the fake devotees with the sheriff's hat and the badge of belonging to some sacred institution).

I happened, just to give an example, to criticize the Ashram on the fact that none of its components (as far as I know, at least – delighted to be proved wrong) has ever had the courage to admit that, following the departure of Mother, the expulsion of Sujata and Satprem was a serious mistake and a completely unjustified act, of ignoble arrogance, as only an unscrupulous and sectarian church could have done. Admitting mistakes made (personally or by the institution in which one finds oneself) is always honourable, while trying to defend the indefensible for fear of losing authority and prestige is despicable and cowardly. Unfortunately, every time I have tried to ask (calmly, without hatred) a similar question to some member of the ashram, instead of receiving an answer, I have been accused of wanting to recall events now buried, or else to harbour non-existent grudges (dichotomous thought: “you criticize the Ashram, therefore you are anti-Ashram”) or, again, to deal with matters that do not concern me (“you are not from the Ashram, these are not things that concern you!” ; or: "you don't belong to the Institute of Evolutionary Research, what are you meddling with?"), often using sarcastic words towards me (most of the time wearing a fake courtesy mask), hoping in this way to arouse reactions that could then make them say: "You see, you are not objective: you are angry, you are prejudiced, you harbour grudges, you have partisan interests, you intend to take away a slice of our power to try to satiate your immoderate ambition" ... Unfortunately for them, they always failed with me. It is typical of partisan dichotomists to try to move the discourse from the objective to the subjective level, from the degree of the arguments to the individual one, to create confusion and divert from the central topic raised, in an attempt to provoke ego reactions, which are then easy to point out, so to avoid answering the question.

Just a year ago (April 2022), a troublesome article (yet another) was reported to me in which an attempt was made to make Satprem appear as a boastful egomaniac. I just wrote:

Yes, it is always very easy to criticize the ego (real or supposed) of Satprem or anyone else. More difficult (but far more useful) would be to track down and destroy one's ego.
By the way, such narratives are full of crafty quibbles and even of incongruities. One should know how to climb mirrors to perform such stunts, and one must be very naïve to take seriously all these "wise disquisitions" full of dialectical inconsistencies.
What technicality has been put forward to justify the fascist expulsion of Satprem and Sujata from the ashram? What quibble to justify not having obeyed Mother's written instructions regarding the eventual death of her physical body?

Immediately, a member (whose name for decency I prefer to omit) of the ashram replied:

Why are you so upset, dear Iorco, by the "wise disquisitions" full of "crafty quibbles and incongruities assailed by dialectical inconsistencies???
Where's your spiritual poise?
Undisturbed continue on your path.
That would be a good way of remembering your Hero, wouldn't it?

Typical puerile move of someone who tries to shift the conversation to my personal facts (which in the context have nothing to do with it), also calling into question my spiritual path of which he knows nothing and on which no one should be allowed to pontificate.

Still, my question was and remains very clear: give me a reason why the ashram expelled Sujata and Satprem, so that I can know it. The answers can only be two:

1) Sujata and Satprem were expelled for the following reason: precise description of the reason.

2) The expulsion of Sujata and Satprem was a grave mistake on the part of the Ashram Trustees, and we apologize for that.

Simple: one of the two. There are no 136 possible answers to this question: only one of the two above. But since these gentlemen are unable to provide the reason for the expulsion because it would disqualify them for life and, on the other hand, they are incapable of apologizing, they elude the answer by trying to attack anyone who dares to ask such a question, to then gratify him of abusive or tendentious epithets. With the only result of offending their intelligence, if they have one.

I therefore replied to the Ashramite:

Why do you think that am I upset?
It is universally recognized that when a person is in difficulty and does not know what to answer, he tries to attack his interlocutor on a personal level, as you are trying with me. Sorry, but these childish methods don't work for me. If you are not able to answer my simple questions and they annoy you, try to attack me with more suitable methods, so as not to offend your intelligence.

My advice, evidently, was not accepted and he increased the dose, trying again to attack me on a personal level, to elude the answer and provoke some reaction (completely absent) in me.

You are indeed Satprem's chela, not the Mother's!
Go well on this path.

Who decides who is anyone's disciple? Satprem never claimed to be a Guru and it never even occurred to me to ask him to accept me as a disciple!

The cowardly sarcastic tone would not have deserved a reply, but having once met my interlocutor in person, I wanted to make an exception and replied as follows:

There is no worse patient than those who do not want to understand and insist on projecting their phobias onto others.
Fortunately for me, neither you nor I nor anyone else can decide who is an authentic "chela" of douce Mère, even if I prefer to consider myself simply a child of Her, among many others, without any yogic pretensions.

At this moment, his vile sarcasm and silly arrogance became frankly unacceptable, and it was impossible for me to reply to the following sententious and mocking words of his:

Cultivate some poise, o child of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. And some humility.

Only Mother and Sri Aurobindo can decide who their eventual disciples actually are, assuming they accept some, since They are infinitely Other than 'simple' Gurus.

“The relation of Guru and disciple is only one of many relations which one can have with the Divine, and in this Yoga which aims at a supramental realisation, it is not usual to give it this name; rather, the Divine is regarded as the Source, the living Sun of Light and Knowledge and Consciousness and spiritual realisation and all that one receives is felt as coming from there and the whole being remoulded by the Divine Hand. This is a greater and more intimate relation than that of the human Guru and disciple, which is more of a limited mental ideal.”

Sri Aurobindo (Letters on Yoga – II)

“I will make a statement: I am not a group leader, I am not the head of an Ashram. […] I never told them they were my disciples: I told them they were my children. […] We can immediately eliminate a good half of the ashramites, and we will not lose a single sadhak.”

Mère (25 avril 1961 – tome 2 de l’Agenda de Mère)

Here you are. I have long wanted to discuss these important issues with you, and Fate has offered me the opportunity... The debunker on duty will be able to let off steam: "this is not a newsletter, it's a rally!". Let him vent, poor thing: aerophagia is annoying to keep inside.

Life has taught me to keep my back straight and not to bow to the lure of power, even if I have the whole world against me. I have not written this letter to collect improbable certificates of esteem, nor to convince anyone, but because I want to shout to the world – within the limits of my possibilities and abilities – that a radical evolutionary shift is now necessary and, even before that, an awareness from part of all humanity, starting with everyone who is truly aware. To do this, one must have courage and, of course, assume one's responsibilities, instead of hiding behind pseudo-spiritual screens.

I conclude with a quote from Savitri:

As long as the human animal is lord

And a dense nether nature screens the soul,           […]

An incurable littleness pursues his days.               […]

His small success are failures of the soul

I.II.V.459-460 / 463 / 472.

I wish everyone a happy spring and a radiant summer!

Maybe I shall be able to write another Newsletter next year, or the following year... Otherwise, this one of mine will be the last message in a bottle launched from a semi-deserted island. Thank you all.

Tommaso Iorco

aria nuova


P.S. Someone pointed out to us that despite what is reported here, only Satprem was expelled from the Ashram, and not Sujata. Formally this is true, but in practice both were expelled: taking advantage of their absence, on January 3, 1978 they bolted the doors and windows of the house that Mother assigned to Sujata and Satprem.

A few days later (on 15th January 1978), Sujata wrote to the Ashram trustees as follows: "As to the coarse bolts on our doors and barred windows, I cannot tell if they are the sign of the advanced spirituality of the 'Mother's heirs and owners', but they represent quite well the spiritual imposture which you have been making reign over the Ashram for four years, through threats, blackmail and fear. Sujata».