There are people trying to prove that Sri Aurobindo is an Avatar, while others are eager to prove just the opposite.
Both waste their time.
Try rather to perceive Sri Aurobindo and Mother's Consciousness. Then you will smile at the tittle-tattle of all the chuckleheads.


«Concerning my avatarhood,
in what way can the opinion of people
have any importance?
If I am not,
the belief of thousands of devotees
cannot make that I should be.
On the other hand, if I am,
the denial of the whole world
cannot prevent me from being.»



«The Messiah or Avatar is nothing but this,
the divine Seer-Will descending
upon the human consciousness
to reveal to it the divine meaning
behind our half-blind action
and to give along with the vision
the exalted will that is faithful and performs
and the ideal force that executes
according to the vision.»

(Juin 1916)

«Si grand soit-il, si conscient soit-il, si puissant soit-il, un Avatâr ne peut pas, tout seul, réaliser la vie supramentale sur la terre. C'est, ou un ensemble dans le temps, s'échelonnant sur un temps, ou bien un groupe se répandant sur un espace — peut-être le deux — qui sont indispensables à cette Réalisation.»

MÈRE (24.5.1962).