After the publication of the first two English volumes of Satprem's “Notebooks of an Apocalypse”, translated from the original French (“Carnets d’une Apocalypse”, 24 volumes, of which only the first 11 are already published till now), the same — or even worse — tamasic inefficiency already envisaged in the too long and unjustified delays of the bad publication of the very originals by the Editor (Mira Aditi), has unfortunately fallen on the publication of the precious English translation.
So, we propose here a link in which you can progressively find the English translation of the volumes not yet published:
«From age to age, the same story repeats itself, but this time…
And in Mother’s hands!»
- December 20, 1998 -
(Notebooks of an Apocalypse, vol. I, page 17
of the English translation published in 2003).