in the meaning given by
Mother and Sri Aurobindo

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«Colour and light are always close to each other
— colour being more indicative, light more dynamic.
Colour incandescent becomes light.»

Tamas, inconscience.

The spiritual consciousness.
«The meaning of blue light depends on the exact character of colour, its shade and nature. A whitish blue like moonlight is known as Krishna’s light or Sri Aurobindo’s light — light blue is often that of the Illumined Mind — there is another deeper blue that is of the Higher Mind; another, near to purple, which is the light of a power in the vital.» (Sri Aurobindo).
«Lavander blue is intuitive mind.» (Sri Aurobindo).
«The pale whitish blue light is “Sri Aurobindo’s Light” — it is the blue light modified by the white light of the Mother.» (Sri Aurobindo).

The Truth-light.
Golden-red: the light of Divine Truth in the physical.
«The golden light is the light of the Divine Truth which comes out from the supramental sunlight and modified according to the level it crosses, creates the ranges from overmind to higher Mind.» (Sri Aurobindo).

Life, activity, active energy for work, a dynamic force of the emotional vital.
«Green light can signify various things according to the context — in the emotional vital it is the colour of a certain form of emotional generosity, in the vital proper and activity with vital abundance or vital generosity behind it — in the vital physical ir signifies a force of health.» (Sri Aurobindo).


[Or red gold] The supramental in the physical.
«Orange is the true light manifested in the physical consciousness and being.» (Sri Aurobindo).
«Orange is the colour of occult knowledge or occult experience.» (Sri Aurobindo).

[Or pale rose] It corresponds to the psychic.
Reddish pink rose: psychic love or surrender.
White rose: pure spiritual surrender.
Gold rose: Joy.

[Or deep red] It corresponds to the vital.

[Crimson] The physical (or Love in the vital and physical).
Red diamond: the Mother’s consciousness in the physical.
Deep red: Divine Love.

The Divine Grace and Compassion.
«“Violet” is the colour of benevolence or compassion, but also more vividly of the Divine Grace» (Sri Aurobindo).

The Divine Consciousness, the Mother.
The purity and power of the divine Truth.

The thinking mind.
Greenish yellow: mental.
Orange yellow: light.
Cadmium: the Intuitive Mind.