by Sujata


I can hear you, wondering.
You ask, “What is so interesting in the story of Mother?”

Let me ask you:

Do you like thrillers that take you hunting for the hidden treasure?

Do you like historical novels that take you back in time?

Do you like space odisseys that take you forward in time?

Do you like science fiction stories that break all bounds of space and time?

Do you like scientific discoveries in which scientists painstakingly gather proof after proof and note meticulously their findings?

Do you like the story of evolution? Evolution that never stops, evolution that has produced you and me — mankind.

And finally, who does not like love stories, love so fierce and absolute that it descends into inferno and confronts death in order to retrieve the beloved?

If you like any or many or all of these things, then come with me. Let us walk together in Mother’s Geography and find out. The, perhaps, we shall know: Who is MOTHER.

Sujata Nahar
(from Mother’s Chronicles)