Romain Rolland
Sri Aurobindo

Romain Rolland (Nobel Laureate 1915).


«I know as yet too little of Sri Aurobindo, but from what little I know about him I am persuaded that there is in him one of the highest spiritual forces in the world.» [1924]

«I have read the beautiful volume of the Mother’s Conversations with a great admiration for this lucid and firm intelligence which commands a rare mastery of expression.» [1933]

«Sri Aurobindo and the Mother: two great spirits whose union forms a rich and perfect harmony.» [1933]

«Aurobindo Ghose, the foremost of Indian thinkers, has realised the most complete synthesis achieved up to the present between the genius of the West and the East. The last of the great Rishis holds in his outstretched hands the bow of Creation Impulse.» [1936]