In support of the write up
written by Tommaso Iorco
on 10th July, 2007

Dear brothers,
I am not even sure if I’m qualified to address you all by that name but what I’m sure of is that I fully, whole heartedly agree with the write up. Its been only two months that “Destiny” has brought me in contact with Satprem’s writings. For me Mother’s Agenda is no Bible.
Its what we call “proof” that this Transformation is possible and nothing can shake that Faith. I forever marvel at the Divine Will that left such a Documentation and “within the Words” such a Formation that enables someone as limited as me to even remotely fathom the Immensity of the Divine Play!
I shall be forever indebted to Satprem for those brilliant questions he would put forth to Sweet Mother which helped me to mentally picture what Mother meant to convey about the Inexpressibly difficult Work that was going on in her body and Consciousness. I am too overwhelmed with gratitude! Its stops me from writing anything about those humans possessed by falsehood owing to their own impurities that try to cast a shadow of doubt at this Immense Light and Consciousness. The less we mention there malicious attempts the better it is to dissolve their falsehood under the Glorious Light of Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s Consciousness.
I pray that we are forever sincere to the working of the Transforming Power in us.
With a Sincere Goodwill,

Supriya Sarkar