It was by reading Satprem’s Trilogy on Mother and the Adventure of Consciousness that I met him for the first time, twenty six years ago. Then a world opened up before me: I instantly felt that to be my spiritual path, ‘That’ was the Divine, waited for since long.
Later I read The Agenda, which further convinced me of having finally found the right path. The figure of Satprem would ‘leap out’ of the pages like an ‘affectionate pest’ always coming to grips with doubts and incertitudes which Mother received lovingly.
What came out of it was a human being and as such I have always considered him, aiming at perfection, without ever reaching it.
Subsequently, I read the Notebooks of an Apocalypse. There is a lot of love in those Notebooks, a lot of fire and a lot of suffering. He has carried on the ‘Work’ of Mother and Sri Aurobindo as a man, offering his body and soul, absolutely human, to the transformation.
Now he is amongst us no more, but ‘his work’ has certainly left an important mark in the terrestrial body, because nothing passes through this earth without leaving a trace.
The beautiful tale heralded by Mother and Sri Aurobindo will be realized. Of this I’m sure.
To Satprem my gratitude and my love for all that he has revealed to me.
He was one of us. Whether he had a shadow (so dear to Boni and Luc Venet) or not, is of little importance. His greatness is in the gift he has left us.

Marcella Mariotti
10 July 2007