Uniting fervently with Tommaso, I subscribe to every word of his reflections in reply to The end of Illusion by Luc Venet and to the letter by Boni. The above mentioned documents are saturated with half truths, with ‘forced oblivion of the past’, with falsehood and rancour towards Satprem, long suppressed. At once, some questions arise spontaneously: How is it that Boni (along with Luc) didn’t spread his venom, embellished with allegedly truthful declarations, when Satprem was still on this earth?
Why hold Satprem responsible (amongst other insults) of the fact that Boni and Luc fell into a strange ‘spell’ that forbid them a lucid mind and a sincere heart, since they were entirely enslaved to the will of a great man? Were they in need of a master, a guide to take forward their spiritual journey? One would really say so. They set Satprem on a golden throne, made of him a ‘holy fetish’, only to destroy him later utterly and shield their own egos, shortcomings and foolishness.
I have always considered Satprem a dear travelling companion, who enabled me to reach Mother and Sri Aurobindo in the most luminous manner, thanks to his numberless letters and his inspired books, true experiences of life: beginning from The Adventure of Consciousness, then the Trilogy dedicated to Mother, right up to the Notebooks of an Apocalypse. It never crossed my mind to transform Satprem into a new guru, transferring on him the responsibility of my material and spiritual actions.
Having participated actively (together with the unforgettable friend Mirella Chiappori — who unfortunately died in 1994 — to whom Satprem along with Sujata offered the first volume of the Agenda in French, encouraging her to create, together with Boni, Davide and myself, the Institute) I can state irrefutably to be a direct witness in the very realization of the Institute of Evolutionary Research, in the year 1977, in Milan.
Perhaps Boni forgets that for years he has been in constant communication with Satprem through letters, through quasi daily telephone calls to Micheline, who would then report the various issues to Satprem. Forgets of having worn the glorious clothes of the chosen, considering himself (alas!) one of Satprem’s favourite ‘disciples’.
Forgets of having identified himself with Satprem to the extent of taking up his identical calligraphy and airs, which to a superficial eye may have appeared only ‘uncompromising’. In brief, Boni, attempted exponentially, to imitate Satprem, to become his Italian copy.
Now everything is as clear as daylight.
At that time, in Boni’s eyes Satprem had taken on the features of a God. Indeed, he showed very little interest for Sri Aurobindo, deeply involved as he was with Satprem and the Agenda. Boni felt called upon to become the undisputed champion of Satprem in Italy, proclaiming dogmas left and right. How many have been excommunicated... always in the name of Satprem?
The team of Vérité seemed indeed to own the ‘truth’, and with a guru’s aura, in borrowed plumes, would furiously reproach those who did not fully agree with their actions. Reprimands poured in, threatening letters, even (to quote one example in a thousand) towards Ilaria Rattazzi, Susanna Agnelli’s daughter, who did her utmost for the publication of the Agenda and Satprem’s books. Ilaria published two full pages on the Corriere della Sera’s Supplement. Because she had dared to call the Mother a great Guru, she was blacklisted with virulence.
I don’t want to draw up here the list of misdeeds plotted against me. Besides, like everybody else, certainly I too am not a perfection fallen upon the earth. I do perceive myself human, truly very human, carrying within me all the light and the shadow which a human being brings along. Yet, I have never preached, delivered judgments, wiped out people.
But, beyond our own small and rather sickening personal egos, I do endeavour here to bear witness to the bad faith of Boni in his honeyed letter to Luc, apparently brimming with good intentions! In spite of utmost efforts I fail to perceive a single word of sincerity in it.
I am absolutely bewildered!
The present revolt of Boni, steeped in poison accumulated in these last years, is of course related to his estrangement, brought about by Satprem himself, and to that already famous phrase: “let him find his way through his filth”.
Well then, after such a phrase, which certainly on the spot can be pleasing to nobody, instead of looking inside, understanding and wishing to leap forward, one deems it right and imperative to hurl into the sea Satprem the God, once so much loved. Thus the enemy remains always outside of us.
In the wake of Jung and the shadow, one must abuse Satprem to feel later in peace with one’s consciousness. Consequently, it is indispensable to debate on Satprem’s possible shadow in order to feel fulfilled.
Evidently, another person’s shadow stirs up a fascination in the extreme.
Tearing to pieces the one other than us, fosters a coarse vital and brings to the surface what we really are.
It seldom happens to visualize so much mud hurled on a person like Satprem, who with absolute determination, force and love has consecrated his entire life to Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s Work. By sullying Satprem in this puerile and demoniac manner, Mother and Sri Aurobindo are equally sullied. Indeed, this action is very grave.
Hence my testimony.
At this point, letting the shadows recede in the dark, I cannot but thank Satprem again and again for never having accepted the masks, the lies, the frauds; for having fought till the end against the pharisees, the extremists, the owners of truth, the dogmatists, the dwarfs roving about the streets of our existence, longing to sweep away from the earth and from their memories those who have helped and loved them too deeply.
Thank you Satprem, for you didn’t allow illusions to flood my heart, my mind and my soul, ever! I do thank you for having been a Lion — which no fanatic confraternity, no spear in the ribs — ever managed to tame!

Marilde Longeri
10 July 2007