Directed by
Orson Welles

William Shakespeare’s adaptation by
Orson Welles
(Henry IV, Henry V, Richard III, Marry Wives of Windsor)

JACK FALSTAFF - Orson Welles
HENRY IV - John Gielgud
HAL - Keith Baxter
DOLL TEARSHEET - Jeanne Moreau
MADAM QUICKLY - Margaret Rutherford
HOTSPUR PERCY - Norman Rodway
KATE PERCY - Marina Vlady

Also Starring
Michaele Abridge, Alan Webb, Tonu Beckley, Walter Chiari, Fernando Rey, Jeremy Rowe, José Nieto, Andrew Foulds, Patrick Bedford

Orson Welles

Black and white

Lenght: 113 Mins Approx

35 mm.

Angelo Francesco Lavagnino

Director of Photography
Edmond Richard

Costume Designer
Orson Welles

copyright © 1966