Saprem and Sujata — Tributes

In 2008 the Mother’s Institute of Research of New Delhi published the booklet (printed at Auroville Press) “Satprem and Sujata —Tributes”.


Among the others, two beautiful tributes written by Kireet Joshi (closest friend of Satprem and Sujata) appear in it.

In the first of them, dedicated to Satprem, Kireetbhai wrote in conclusion (page 34):

«Satprem was a thorough scientist in his methods of experimentation and in testing the results of his experiments. He was meticulous in his positivism and in the recording of his experiments and experiences. One has only to read seven volumes of his Carnets d’une Apocalypse in which he has recorded day to day experiences dating from 1981. These seven volumes give us an account up to the year 1986. But the records he has kept of his experiences, when published, will give the full account running to year 2006 or 2007, and we shall be able to learn more about the nature of his experiments and results […]
If we now ask the question as to the point at which he had reached in the subsequent years, it may be mentioned that I had personally received a note from Satprem in the year 2006, in which he had written: “Je suis arrivé au bout” (“I have reached the goal”).»

Not yet completely satisfied, in the second article, dedicated to Sujata, Kireetbhai added (page 44):

«After 1981, when Satprem plunged in the depths of his own body’s consciousness and began to record the steps of his journey in his Notebooks [Carnets d’une Apocalypse], Sujata-di was his constant companion. […] Although only seven volumes are yet published (and probably material of nearly subsequent seventeen volumes remains yet to be published) we have in these books the glimpses of the intimate role that Sujata-di had played.»

So, let us hope for an integral and diligent publication of all the 24 volumes of this wonderful Notebooks of an Apocalypse, hoping too that it will not intervene any censure whatsoever!