Agile Publishing (2022-2024)

This Trilogy documents the relationship that has existed since the most remote antiquity between the various peoples of India, Africa and Europe; according to Flavius Philostratus, about 3,500 years ago the Indians founded something like sixty cities in sub-Saharan Africa; for the first time, this study gathers scientific evidence (genetic, archaeological, linguistic...) that eventually supports similar statements, which until the last century were considered mere figments of the imagination. When we combine genetic studies to the distribution of ancient personal names as place names, we can detect migration paths from the Indu-Sarasvati Valley to Africa, Iberia, Northern Europe and South Eastern Asia. This empirical evidence provides tentative support for an unconventional hypothesis, according to which the Harappan civilization sent explorers, tradesmen and “cultural emissaries” to all directions, and spread its cultural influence as far as Scotland, Norway and Finland already 3000 - 1500 BCE.